Rhinoplasty (Surgery of the Nose)

The Best Candidates

If you want to enhance the appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty may be a good option for you. The size of your nose in relation to your facial balance, nasal width, profile, bumps or depressions are a few of the concerns that may lead you to the consideration of rhinoplasty.

Where Surgery Is Performed

All cosmetic procedures are performed on an outpatient basis in our state of the art in-house operating suite.

The Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a very individualized procedure because of the different characteristics that contribute to the appearance of an individual’s nose. There are techniques that are specific to the patient and may include:
Reshaping the nasal bridge
Reducing the width or shape of nose and/or nostrils
Reshaping the nasal tip
Adjusting the angle between the nose and upper lip

Type of Anesthesia

Rhinoplasty is performed with a general anesthesia, so you’ll sleep through the entire operation.

After Your Surgery

After your procedure is completed, a splint and/or packing along with bandages will be applied to the patient’s nose. This is done to protect the nose while it is in the process of healing. Your care giver will be instructed on the care of your nose. You may experience some swelling, bruising and discomfort that can be controlled by medication.

Returning To Your Routine

Once your splint and packing have been removed you will be ready to return to work and most of your normal activities. Healing and swelling will continue to go down over the next several weeks. You will need to be protective of your nose when doing any physical activities over the next several months.

Your New Look

Once you are healed, you should notice improved balance in your facial features. Your nose will be more refined and your appearance enhanced.

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